Weekly Roundup – 2007.12.28

Posted on 12.28.07 5:30PM under Lambic, News

This week, being Christmas and all started out to be a pretty slow beer news week. Then all of a sudden, I have fifty items on my RSS feed today that I still haven’t read. So I guess it’s back to normal now. There were several nice and sentimental pieces about how nice family and Christmas are, too many to list them all (I actually don’t have all the links might be the more correct statement) but it has been nice to reflect along with everyone about the beery positives that have happened this year.

The thing that made me drop my jaw and get all giddy all over was a cool video that Stan Hieronymus pointed out over at Appellation Beer. Allagash christened their coolship. (Here’s a page that includes picture of the coolship at Cantillon.) According to Stan, they made this beer about a month ago, and searching the internet found really only links into Stan’s blog. Even Allagash themselves aren’t really talking about it on their web site (or at all from what I could find). An awesome job by Stan of digging up this video and posting it for the rest of us to see!

All I can think of is, “Make my funk Brett B. funk, I want my beer funked up. I want the bomb, I want Brett B. funk” etc. Especially with the uncanny similarity between the words coolship and mothership. Were I better at photoshop and actually had a copy of that software, I would insert here some sort of combination photo of Frank Boon’s head on George Clinton’s body, or vice versa. But who really knows what Frank Boon looks like anyway? OK, forget skills and software, I went ahead and did it using MSPaint:
Frank Clinton George Boon
I personally like Frank with George’s head better.

I guess the whole original point was how cool it is to have an actual coolship working here in USA, and in New England no less. I must go up there and see it sometime soon. The funny thing is that I am still working my way into fully appreciating Lambic and Gueuze beers, but even so, I am just inspired by this to brew my own spontaneously fermented beer. I’ll let you know how it comes out in three years or so.

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