There are so many great beer web sites out there. These are a few that I love to go to. Some have exceptional information. Some are just for fun. Check out a few that look good to you and spread the word!

Professional Organizations

Brewer’s Association  -
An advocacy organization for and by small breweries across the United States. All the major players of the craft beer industry are involved in the Brewer’s Association. It has great information about legal issues different states are facing, as well as an excellent discussion forum for all brewery issues.

Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA) -
A group dedicated to advancing the brewing industry via advocacy, spreading information, and providing educational opportunities.


Enthusiast Communities

Respect Beer! This site has dozens of reviews for every beer you could possibly find. Many beers have hundreds of reviews. There are also some great enthusiast forums, and lots of other beer lovers’ information. In case all that isn’t enough, they also have a top-notch magazine dedicated to the subject of loving beer of all kinds.

Northern Brewer -
Much more than just an online homebrew supply shop, this is my favorite forums to read and sometimes contribute to. This is homebrew-oriented, but all homebrewers are beer lovers. There is a lot to learn over there.



A Good Beer
Just like the name says, this is a good beer blog. Just sign up for the RSS feed and be informed and entertained a few times a week with new posts. It may be from Canada, but those Canadians seem to really know a lot about beer.

Beer Activist -
Another great beer blog. Talks to the environmentalist in all of us. This guy is dedicated to all forms of green beer and brewing, and covers the topic very well. Hs has lots of friends in the industry and attends lots of interesting events.



Beer Me -
Lists all breweries in a given area. Allows users to add or edit information on the site. Also contains information about specific beers from specific breweries and a lot of information links about style guidelines.

Beer Mapping Project -
Shows awesome maps with blue and red pins for breweries and brewpubs in your target search area. Wondering where to find great breweries on your next business trip or vacation? Look no further.



Brew Your Own Magazine -
Magazine for homebrewers that’s always full of great recipes. Also features bios on brew clubs around the country, DIY projects, technical information, and just for fun pieces.

Draft Magazine -
A glossy lifestyle magazine, so close to a men’s magazine, but without the scantily clad women. Just lots of sexy beers and beer information. Really fun and informative at the same time. Good for beer geeks and frat boys alike.