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Posted on 01.19.08 9:01PM under Aimée, Boden, Fun, Iris, Stories

Every time I taste a beer I never had before, I take notes, take a picture, post it on BeerAdvocate. It’s quite a ceremony. I think I might be a “ticker”.

Anyway, it’s natural the kids are interested. Sometimes, it’s all like, “be quiet while Daddy tastes this beer. Stay away. DON’T TOUCH THAT!”

Iris and Road DogWell, tonight my DW was upstairs taking out her contacts when I did the tasting of Flying Dog’s Road Dog Scottish Porter (‘tho I’m still miffed mine just says “Porter” with no mention of “Scottish” anywhere, and I can’t find out why, no matter how many times I Google it!). Iris (4yo DD) says, “take my picture with your beer” and practically ruins my good shot with her jumping in. Got the good shot, and said, “OK, get in your position, I’ll take your picture”. There it is, to the right ->

Bitter Beer FaceThen I tried to get her to hold the bottle (punchy after two sips, I was). But she wouldn’t do it. Damn neo-prohibitionist daughter. But Boden’s (2yo DS) is a publicity hound. He was more than happy to hold the bottle. Smiled when I told him to, and everything. Looks like he thought it was too bitter (a la Keystone Light’s “bitter beer face”) but he didn’t try it – the bottle was empty. I’d never let him hold a bottle with actual beer in it – he might spill it. His photo is to the left <-

If you look real close, you can see Iris’ hand in the lower right corner of Boden’s shot. She’s always trying to get in the picture. So here’s the results of the kid beer party:

Kids Beer Party

You can see what happens when you mix beer, cookies, and little kids. Pure dance party madness!

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  1. Posted by The Dude on 01.20.08 12:33 PM

    Cute kids there Keith. Reminds me of a paper my son wrote in first grade wherein he described “helping my dad brew beer”. I think that raised the teacher’s eyebrows a bit. It certainly made for interesting conversation at our parent/teacher conference. I did manage to convince her that I don’t get my kids drunk as a general rule. It’s funny in hindsight, but it was a bit uncomfortable at the time.


  2. Posted by BobbyO on 01.21.08 12:12 AM

    My dad gave me my first taste of beer when I was three years old. As he obviously enjoyed it, I was always curious what he had in that dark brown bottle, and I guess he got tired of telling me over and over again that it was “a grownup drink that you wouldn’t like.” I took a sip — just a teaspoon’s worth, really — and I remember that it was enough to convince me that I really didn’t want to drink this bubbly, bitter brew. At least, not again until I was six or seven and my tastes had changed.

    My son (two months shy of 3) has tasted a drop of beer off my fingertip and had about the same reaction to it that I did. I’ve also dipped my pinky into a glass of bourbon which elicited a similar “yuck.” Give him a drop of wine, on the other hand, and he smiles and asks for more. De gustibus non est disputandum.

    The social standards regarding children and alcohol consumption vary widely from one country to another, and have changed markedly in the US over the past several decades. In rural towns in France, school-age children old routinely are served watered-down wine at home with dinner. My mother tells me that she rubbed scotch on our gums when we were infants, to soothe the pain of cutting new teeth. Before any of you condemn this, read the label of that bottle of Infant Oragel or Anbesol; the main active ingredient in these concoctions is alcohol.

    I’m all for expanding culinary experiences, carefully minding the gap between a tiny taste and an intoxicating dose. I’m not advocating that we turn our kids into winos. Let them make up their own minds when they get old enough; if they want to choose a career in booze as opposed to, say, computer programming, that’s their prerogative.

  3. Posted by Keith Brainard on 01.21.08 10:09 AM

    Thanks, Dude. Fortunately, my kids won’t be going to school, so they’ll never face that uncomfortable moment. Good thing you didn’t end up with DCF knocking at the door!

    Great comment, Bobby! Nice drop of the latin there. Maybe there’s a new tagline for the fermented grape juice industry: “Wine – so spohisticated a three year old likes it!”

    I try to give Iris and Boden beer all the time. I would never want them overindulge, but just to begin to appreciate the best damn drink in the world. Iris always just smells it and says, “blech, that smells yucky.” Boden has a similar reaction, but with a less firm grasp on the language.

    Boden has tried beer a few times, though. Most memorable was a big Imperial Stout – 10% ABV, roasty and bitter. He got a big grin as he and I pushed the glass to his lips, just enough to get a touch on his tongue. Then he tried to spit it out. But it was just a drop – nothing to spit out. It probably made his tongue numb.

    He loves to “help” me with brewing, too – he especially loves bottling. Of course, that’s the time when I don’t want his germy little self anywhere near my clean and sanitized bottles. I guess he’d like brew day if I would let him get anywhere near the blue flames of propane.