Again, Apfelwein

Posted on 03.15.12 9:30PM under Uncategorized

Of course I had to make it. Apfelwein. Apple juice + (optional) corn sugar + yeast = alcohol. Takes like five minutes to make, five weeks to ferment, and at least five days to consume. Cost per alcohol unit only compares to the prestigious Dubra. But yet it is home made and hand crafted, and seems somehow elevated in status because of these two small considerations.

Last time I made it (2/18 I reckon) I used 3# corn sugar in addition to the juice. The time before I used no corn sugar, so I got to know that the juice itself is 1.050. Along those lines I supposed 3# corn sugar was roughly 0.5 gallons, and calculated the OG of the most recent batch accordingly.

I did 4.5 gallons at 1.050 and then added 3# corn sugar. And that came up with about 1.080. As I kegged it tonight I measured the FG and got about 1.000. Beersmith tells me this thing is well north of 10% ABV.

I am skeptical. Though it is not sweet at all, and tastes mainly like the previous 1.050 6.5%-er, I will have to reserve judgement until I get a cold carbonated glass of the new stuff. That could take a week or so. And even then I’ll have no evidence to dispute either gravity reading. So it will surely stand.

Anticipate more bad mornings in my future. And not just because of some ridiculous work crisis. I think EdWort might just possibly be a m*!&#$@^$%er after all.

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