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Made some beer today.Now that I don’t do Facebook so much any more, here’s my outlet.

Four vessels fermenting.

1. IPA. Made to 1.060, with mild kettle hops, planning on absurd dry hopping, and pushing it through to keg in a week, or maybe two. Fermenting pretty warm with US05. Mashed LOW. Lower than intended.
2. Lite Beer. Five gallons in kettle brewed strong (1.080 – corn sugar FTW) and diluted going into fermenters. Wort:water ratio of 2.5:1.5 yields eight gallons at 1.050. Made with lager yeast. Trying the two dry strains they had at the LHBS (S23 and W34/70, I think). Fermenting together at 50°F. Not ideal for ether, but in the range for both. This accounts for two fermenters.
3. Apfelwein. Of course. Apple juice + corn sugar + yeast = too easy to not do when you have buckets of sanitizer on hand. Last batch I made (kegged today) was OG 1.050, made with no corn sugar. Came out real dry, and very tart, and definitely different than the corn sugar version. The one I made today, I put 3# corn sugar in there. Too much, on reflection. But weighing corn sugar is so tedious, and they sell it in 3# bags. OG 1.080 should equate to a sweet strong brew that takes a while to be ready. I anticipate making another batch while this one is still working through, in a few weeks, when I’m likely to brew again. Wifey asked for a GF beer. I’ll have to brew again soon if that will fit in with my current pipeline woes. I think she’ll support my plans.

In the mean time, I have approximately 8 Barley Wines left and a freshly tapped keg of 5% apfelwein to make it the next month or so until today’s stuff is ready. I pulled out some old stuff from stores to try to avoid retail alcohol. We’ll see how the master plan works.

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