Posted on 02.16.12 10:30PM under Uncategorized

About to brew again this weekend. I am very glad it’s predicted to be nearly 50 degrees out. Warm enough to spend several hours exposed to the elements, including mostly wind and water. And just in time, really. I kicked two kegs the past two nights with one more about to gasp its last spurt of foamy horror. At least I have a recently fermented keg of apfelwein chilling in the fermentation fridge ready to report to active duty when the time comes. And the time is drawing near.

I think that between that apfel and the last gallon of Barley Wine I can last two weeks until the IPA is in the keg. But if not, there’s always Dubra or Busch Light to fill the gap. Sometimes it is about quality, and sometimes it is not.

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