Brew Day in the Books!

Posted on 10.16.11 7:16PM under Uncategorized

Had a pretty good brew day yesterday. Made about 18 gallons of alcoholic beverage in just about 6 hours. Now just have to wait three weeks before enjoying.

First off: Honey Brown. Made this as an eight gallon batch. Mashed 15# of grain, added 1# corn sugar to the typical 5.5 gallon boil, and diluted 2.5:1.5 (wort:water) into the fermenters. Meant to hit 1.054, got more like 1.050. Close enough. Eight gallons of honey brown in the two 5 gallon fermenters, bubbling away in the main fermentation fridge, set to 66°F. One with Notty and one with US-05. Looking forward to the taste test comparison. Expecting Notty to be the preferred by a mile.

Then: more IPA! After that Columbus IPA in Columbus Ohio, which was better than mine, I decided to try again (Gus: “try again, dadz”). I think the lower ABV might be the trick. So I intended this to 5.5% or so. Missed my gravity low, had a slightly higher volume (damn 45-minute boil). So it might be more like 5%. It’s all good.

And of course, what brew day would be complete without some Apfelwein. Since BJs raised the price on their house brand Apple Juice, I decided to just hit up the Stop&Shop for some juice. Got $1/qt for store brand apples and vitamin C blend (from concentrate).

Now they all sit, fermenting away. Though the apfel does not bubble, I think it’s because the keg it is fermenting in is not well-sealed. I will dry hop all the beers (i.e. not the apfel) in a few days, after fermentation is slowing. Then cold crash a few days later. Then keg about a week days later. Should be all packaged up by Halloween. Too bad they won’t be carbed by then. I think Honey Brown would make a nice Trick-or-Treat beer… I’ll have to settle for mulled Apfelwein… Travel mug FTW!!

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