Favorite Styles

Posted on 02.07.12 11:05PM under Uncategorized

I typically tend to want to brew a lot of IPA. So I sometimes get to thinking that this might be wrong. Like I should want a seasonal variety, including stouts, barley wines, etc. So around this time of year I get to brewing those things. Then I find myself without IPA and feeling like I should have kept making IPA.

I think I’m about to realize that I really just want IPA and lite beer with a little bit of pizzazz here and there, but mainly pizzazz-free, with good old stable IPA and lite beer.

In this light, I plan my next brew day. Guess what, IPA and lite beer! Five gallons of IPA, made to about 6%, 60 IBU, tons of dry hops. Eight gallons of lite beer, made to about 4%, 8 IBU, and fermented cold. I’ll be testing the dry lager yeasts, to see which I prefer.

Lately I’ve been obsessing over Magic: The Gathering. My 6YO son is into it big time, and the game holds a tremendous amount of nostalgia for me. It’s been easy for me to dive right back in (especially given the massive amount of cards I have, which I am glad to have not sold).

The point is that I see a parallel. Rather than make ten decks that are all OK, I’d rather have a few that kick ass. Same with the beer. Rather than make a bunch of recipes that are mostly just OK, I want to focus on a few main ones and make those 0.25 oz adjustments needed to make them perfect.

Sure it might be fun to play a G/R Common Weenie deck every now and then, but nothing compares to dominating with B/R Vampires to win in five turns. Or in beery terms, making a decent stout is good, but a knock-your-socks-off IPA is really the goal.

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