Brew Day Coming

Posted on 10.12.11 8:56PM under Uncategorized

What with all the kids, brew days are harder to come by anymore. After the 4th was born in April, there was a relatively long non-brewing period. Then I did it. And I got in the groove. I did three brew days in a row, two weeks apart. That got the pipeline going again. But since then, it’s been as dry as a parish in Mississippi.

Now I have finally asserted my God-given right to brew again. I said “I need to brew again. This weekend”. She said “OK”. Phew, that was easy.

Lately I have been making double batches of Lite beer. With about five pounds of grains needed to make five gallons of the lite beer, it only made sense to double batch it. Brew a five gallon batch of double strength wort, and then dilute 50/50 with H2O going into the fermenters. It has worked very well.

I think it’s time to expand that line of thinking into other beers.

I was going to make a Honey Brown. Meant to be an easy drinking brown beer for autumn, it seemed like a good candidate for double batching.

As it turns out, I’m planning on 8 gallons of beer coming out of 15# of grain. Make the usual 5 gallons of wort, then dilute 2.5:1.5 for four gallons in each of two 5-gallon carboys. Tada! Extra beer!

We’ll see how it turns out. I’m planning on also doing a yeast comparison on this. One batch with good old US-05 and one with Notty. I’ve never used the Nottingham yeast before, so I’m excited to see how it works. I’ve tasted other Notty beers, and I’ve been pleased. I’m thinking US-05 might just be demoted after this trial. But only time will tell.

Oh, and of course I’ll make another IPA. Fashioned after the Ohio IPA. With an ABV under 6% and all Columbus hops. And I’m eliminating the Munich. And adding some C40. But still it will be very pale. Oh boy, I love brew days!

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