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Prepping for brew day, had to go pick up some things. Actually a lot of things. Besides the few pounds of unusual specialty grains (like Honey Malt) and the oddball yeast (Nottingham) I’ll be using, I also needed a sack of base malt and some other staples.

Used to be that the LHBS (www.brew-wine.com) was all disorganized and never had anything in stock, and even then it took at least a half an hour just to get served and even longer with any sort of complex order.

Now they have staff. It’s not just Rich alone. There’s the owner guy usually there after work, and now another helper any time I’m there. Sure the helper put my 2# C60, 2# Honey Malt, and 1# C60 all in the same bag (the owner guy and I had a good laugh talking about what beer could be made with that combo… a Honey Red, perhaps…), but even after that screw up, the employee went and tried again, all in separate bags this time. And he was profusely apologetic for the initial error, too. Funny thing is I feel that I share the blame for my lack of clarity in asking for what I wanted. Besides, I was just happy to not have to use the scale!

Now they even have CO2 and hops by the pound (but I could still not pull the trigger for a $24 pound of Simcoe). Hell they even had a Bling-mann three-tier on display for sale.

It’s nice to not have to worry if the LHBS will have what I want. I know now that I can go there with any sort of esoteric grain bill requests and have it fulfilled. And they have all the dry yeast I could want. Not to mention an abundance of tools, equipment, extracts, adjuncts, and chemicals. Combined with hops from the internet and planning a brew day is never a challenge for me.

Even if they didn’t have some specific grain I was after, they’d be able to recommend something else, and I’m sure I’d be able to brew something.

So I guess the point is that if you live near East Hartford, CT, you should consider brew-wine.com as your LHBS, and go there. It’s a good shop.

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