Free Scotch!

Posted on 11.30.10 9:10PM under Alcohol, Free Booze, Tasting

Running a beer blog, every now and then I get an offer for free beer for review. Sometimes it pans out and sometimes not.

So a few weeks ago, I got an email offer for some free booze to review. It’s Drinks by the Dram from the United Kingdom. They’ve got tons of awesome single malts and other incredible whiskies and whatnot for sale online. They have a new program where they will sell a 3cl dosage of a variety of their finest spirits as a sample.

Before you gotta spend $90 for a whole bottle, you can spend $5 for a single sample. (disclaimer: quality and accuracy of currency conversions could vary)

Samples for sale! Great idea!

So they sent me a pair of samples. Not too scientific right now, but there’s an 18 year old whisky and a 12 year old single barrel whisky. Both in 3cl samples. For the volume unit challenged, that’s 3 centiliters, or 30 milliliters. I think its roughly 1.5 oz, or a “serving” of distilled spirits. Of course, both are so fancy that they’re above 40% ABV, so it’s all so approximate.

I’ve tried the 12 year single barrel, but my booze review and vocabulary skills are rusty at best, so I’m waiting to post my impressions.

I took 15 ml of the 12. Then soon I’ll have 15 ml of the 18. Then on another future night I’ll put the remaining 15 ml of the two head-to-head. I think that by then I’ll have a good sense for the flavors, and I know that the head-to-head will really highlight the differences between the two.

All this comes from the Masters of Malt, and it’s focused on their holiday specials. There’s some expensive stuff for sale there, but there is plenty of affordable vintage too. Even as a beer guy, and given that they’ve sent me some free booze, I can still easily say that I’d be more than happy to receive anything that they’re offering in my Christmas stocking from Santa.

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