Thanksgiving Beer

Posted on 11.24.10 6:00PM under Apple Wine, Dubbel, Stout

Here I present another note in the chorus of Thanksgiving Beer advice.

Ultimately, as many have suggested, you must choose what you like, as long as it matches reasonably well with the meal.

At the same time, you have to work with what’s on hand. Part of the problem with the well-meaning advice-givers is that beer is so regional that 80% of what’s recommended to me is outside my reach. Whether it’s Bell’s from the Midwest or Lost Abbey from the West Coast, or any one of many places in between, there are many well-known and highly respected holiday-appropriate beers that simply are not available in Connecticut.

At any rate, my simple advice will be personal, even self-centered. Here’s what I’m bringing to the family visits tomorrow:

This is primarily driven by what I have available at the moment. All these beers are home made. But I think they’ll work out just fine for the day.

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