Don’t Dump It!

Posted on 04.29.10 8:37PM under Rants, Tasting

Excuse me for a moment.

WTF is it with people that dump relatively high quality beers, calling them “undrinkable”?

OK So you might not prefer that particular offering. But there’s no way you’re telling me that this particular beer is “undrinkable”. I’d say that so many years of history demonstrates that the beer in question is totally drinkable. Maybe you are just too jaded to appreciate its subtleties, or maybe the bottle you got hadn’t been treated as well as possible, but I assure you that beer is not undrinkable.

Next time before you take to the keyboard, log onto BeerAdvocate, and decry a beer you don’t like as undrinkable and a complete drain pour…stop. Maybe I have low beer standards (I don’t think that I do) but there are so few beers that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) that I actually had to dump because I couldn’t finish it.

Actually I can think of one. Consider this: the first Rodenbach Grand Cru I ever had, I dumped the latter half of the bottle because I found it “undrinkable”. Which obviously just meant I couldn’t handle it, or in other words the mouth-puckering sour tartness was not for me at the time. I found it undrinkable in the moment I was trying to drink it. But even so, I gave it a fair chance, nursing it for nearly an hour, waiting for my tastes to magically acclimate to this new form of “beer”.

These days, a Rodenbach Grand Cru would be welcome here any time. Turns out it isn’t “undrinkable” – it was just not in favor at the time I originally tasted it.

Look, even Natty Ice, Nasty as it may sound, is not “undrinkable”. Even the most “undrinkable” beer you could think of (for me it’s Rolling Rock) is someone’s favorite beer. So save your irrational discarding for something that’s actually inedible, like spoiled milk or moldy vegetables, but for Christ’s sake just drink the Goddamned beer!

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