Belgian Dubbel

Posted on 04.10.10 7:04PM under Dubbel

At work on Friday I had a conversation with a beer lover, and we got to talking about Chimay.

As a result, I was really eager for a Chimay Blue. Or was it a Red? Anyway, I wanted a Chimay Dubbel – brown, raisiny, deep, rich Chimay. I wanted to find a cold 750 at the beer shop so I could go home and crack it right away.

It was not to be. No cold ones at the store. So I ended up with an Ommegang Abbey. Half the price of the Chimay, and probably approximately the same thing. Especially compared to the IPA and Wheat I have on tap at home.

Now tonight the Ommegang is ready to drink. And I am not disappointed. In my Chimay glass, it is Dubbel enough for me right now. I might have to plan one of these on the brewing roster soon.

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