Dundee Mix Pack

Posted on 01.22.10 9:23PM under Tasting

When you’re value shopping, you come across tough choices.

I ended up with a Dundee mixer 12-pack for $10.99. One dollar cheaper than the Red Hoook $11.99 special (I already used the $5 rebate, so that doesn’t count any more). Worth a shot for the Dundee.

Plus it’s a mix pack, two each of six different beer styles. IPA, Pale Ale, Porter, Wheat, Pale Bock, and the immortal Honey Brown. At least it’s a variety, and if one is terrible, little is lost. Besides, who could predict which would be the best? Mix packs like this satisfy the ticker in me.

So far I have had the Pale Bock, Pale Ale, and Porter. The Pale Bock was typical. Lame, rough around the edges, made with an Ale yeast. Just so-so, but not terrible. The Pale Ale was actually pretty good. Nice hop character and bitterness, as advertised (bottle says “Pleasantly Hoppy” or something along those lines). Not a ton of bitterness, not a ton of hopness, but overall nicely balanced, if a little blah. Definitely good enough.

But the porter. At first, I was like, “meh” when I smelled it after pouring. The color was nice and dark, but it had that same annoyingly regular English-style yeast smell. It even has that almost spoiled aroma that you can sometimes find in the less-purchased brands at the beer store. But the flavor really excels beyond the expectations set by the disappointing aroma. It isn’t exactly Gonzo Imperial Porter, but it has a solid black beer taste, with a nice roasty bitter darkness. There’s enough bitterness to balance it out and maybe even some hop flavor, or at least a requisite residual sweetness.

Really a nice porter. It has me looking forward to some of the others. I’m not expecting Ruination from the IPA, and I wonder if Honey Brown will be as enjoyable as I remember from college, but I think the Wheat could end up pleasing me. If I am inspired to do so, I will let you know how it goes.

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