Joy and Pain

Posted on 01.15.10 10:14PM under Brewing, Kegging

Kegging is such a joy. It is always so exciting to be packaging the results of brewing and fermenting. It is the last time-consuming step in the process. From there on out it’s all enjoyment with no more work. You get to measure your final gravity, determine your ABV, see how you hit your marks, and most importantly, get a preview taste of the beer you’ve just made.

Furthermore, kegging is so quick and easy, it takes around a half an hour at most, and you’re done. It’s all so wonderful. I am euphoric every time I complete a kegging run. It is just so satisfying and a great symbol of many weeks of drinking pleasure to come in the future.

But kegging has a dark side that I’m experiencing this week.

You can never really tell how much beer is left in that keg, and there comes a time in the life of any keg when it pours its last pour. Often I am anticipating this moment for a few weeks before it occurs, but it still never fails to disappoint when it happens. There you are, pumping beer into your glass when suddenly it blows. Pop fizz puff puff and there’s a glass half full of beer, half full of foam, all full of debris. You don’t even get to enjoy that last glass because of all the unpleasant solids from the bottom of the keg.

It’s times like this that I wonder if I should be filtering or otherwise controlling more strictly the debris racked into the keg.

At any rate, I’ve somewhat anticipated this, as I am kegging up my latest IPA (10 SRM, 1.075 OG, and 75 IBU) tomorrow. But that will still leave me with two empty keg slots and one keg that can’t be more than half full. Unless I want to be drinking Long Trails and Red Hooks through February, I better get to making some more beer!

Up next is a sort of Anchor OSA inspired beer: a porter fermented with wheat beer yeast. I won’t add trees and stuff like they do, but I think that a schwarzweizen is going to be close enough. And I think I’ll call it “Pants on the Ground” because I just can’t resist.

Lookin’ like a FOOL with your beer on the ground!

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