Monster Energy vs. Vermonster

Posted on 10.07.09 7:05PM under Barley Wine, News

vermonsterI have somehow been subscribed to the Rock Art Brewery email list. Probably from when I emailed to ask what their tour hours were for the time I was going to their town to visit my Great Grandmother In Law for the weekend. Turns out they didn’t do Saturday tours and so basically the answer was “too bad.” But I still like their beer. And it was a tremendous bargain at the gas station in Morrisville to pick up a few bombers of one of their IPAs.

Today Renee Nadeau told the group news that boils down to the following:

Hansen Beverage Owners of Monster Energy drinks have told us to “cease and desist” the use of our The Vermonster label.

Hansen Beverage has been in business for a while, but from the looks of it, Monster Energy didn’t start until the early 2000’s. So it seems like Rock Art had the Monster beverage first. And besides that, the brands have coexisted for several years, so why the cease and desist now?

Well it turns out that

…Monster is interested in moving into the beer business…

So that somehow gives them the right to cause Rock Art to stop using the brand that they’ve established in beer? I’m no lawyer, but seems to me that Rock Art had the Monster beer name first. And Rock Art is not the only beer name including monster – a quick search on beeradvocate returns dozens of results on “monster”.

From my position here in front of my computer, it’s easy for me to say this, but… Rock Art is the one who should be issuing the cease and desist if that’s how it’s going to be. I hope that in the end justice is served, but at the same time I can respect whatever decision Rock Art makes. After all, fighting something like this could be just a waste of energy for Rock Art, who really wouldn’t be competing with a Monster Energy beer anyway.

It’s just Vermonster is such a cool name.

Note: searching for an image of the Vermonster label, it turns out Ben and Jerry’s offers a Vermonster ice cream thing. I wonder if they got served by Hansen too?

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