Mystic Bridge IPA

Posted on 09.08.09 8:41PM under Cottrell, IPA, News, Tasting

At long last, Charlie Buffum has come out with a companion beer for the great Cottrell Old Yankee Ale!

I thought the idea had been kicking around a while over there across town in Pawcatuck. And then the other day I happened past Chris Keppel (the sales guy) on the street in downtown Mystic. He was wearing a shirt with something about Mystic Drawbridge beer. I was curious, but he was with someone and I didn’t bother him.

My curiosity was satisfied this weekend when I went shopping for some drinks at the liquor store. There it was… Mystic Bridge IPA, from Cottrell Brewing! THE new beer! The excitement of this discovery even overshadowed the Sierra Nevada Anniversary 2009 one shelf above.

There is not a lot of information out there regarding the Mystic Bridge IPA, so here’s what I got from the man himself. It’s about 6% ABV, with Centennial and Cascade hops. The base malt is Pale Ale, with Crystal and Caramalt applied with a sensitive hand for color and flavor.

The result is classic Cottrell. Balanced yet distinctive. It has the notable flavor from the house yeast blend that’s used. The hop bitterness is appropriate for an IPA but not too much for those of you accustomed to the Old Yankee. The hop flavor steps it up in a similar way to the bitterness – solid but not murderous.

All in all this is a great local beer for me that I hope to see on tap somewhere next time I go out to eat and/or drink.

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