That Glass Isn’t Even Half Full!

Posted on 07.15.09 9:27PM under Fun

united-states-beer-consumption-per-personI got an interesting link today in my inbox.

It compares the beer consumption by country. It seems that no matter how many times this information is presented to me, I just can’t keep it straight. I’m always a little bit surprised at who takes the top spot and more than a little surprised at how low the US is on the list.

The glass you see here to the right is the US glass. That’s a relative amount compared to the top drinking country. We drink about half as much as those guys in first place do! Or half as much beer anyway. The numbers don’t address wine and spirits. But of course, beer is what matters here.

So enough of the drama. The Czech Republic has the top spot with 8.5 beers per person per week. The US downs a measly 4.4 b/p/w. Of course, nobody can deny the perfection of a fine Czech Pilsener, so it’s understandable that they’d be fondly imbibing on average across their entire population more than one beer per day. Which brings me to one small point, which probably makes no statistical difference, but might help me explain some of the discrepancy of USA’s apparently inferior capacity for drink. If the measurement is in volume, then consider the impact of ABV on the numbers.

I mean, 8.5 Pilsners a week is roughly equivalent to 4.4 Double IPAs per week.

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