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Everyone knows there’s a proper glass for a given style of beer. Flared rims will increase the perception of sweetness by guiding the inflow of liquid to the sweet-sensing portions of the tongue and mouth. And a bunch of other stuff like that.

You’d think that I’d be all about “proper glassware”, but the truth is, I pick the glass more on my mood than the beer that will go in it. This might be because I usually drink more than one style of beer in a session. Or it could be that I never bothered to really memorize the glass shape to style mapping. Maybe I just like the variety enabled by mix-and-match glass-and-beer combinations.

Looking at the glass I’m using right now, I realize that the main driver behind my decision making process is washing the glass. Glasses with printed logos on them are faded by the chlorine in the water and dishwasher soap. Whereas glasses that are plain or etched are immune to this effect. So I normally use one of two etched glasses I have – so I can easily clean them in the dishwasher without getting my hands wet.

Every now and then I’ll use the Chimay or the Duvel or the Corsendonk if I want to be really fancy feeling. But normally it’s the shaker pint etched with Mason’s Island Yacht Club Oktoberfest 2008 or the Guinness-shaped pint-sized glass etched with promotional information from Boelter and San Diego Brewer’s Guild from last year’s CBC. Occasionally the handled mug with the clipper ship etched into it makes its way into rotation (but the handle makes it hard to fit into the upper level of the dishwasher.)

The thing is, I rarely consider what will go into the glass. In fact, I’ll even throw some craft Rum and rocks into one of these beer glasses if the mood hits me. So the point is: don’t get too wrapped up in the proper glassware. If matching a glass to a bottle makes you happy, then please do so, but if it stresses you out, forget about it. Hell, I sometimes drink beer *gasp* right from the bottle.

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  1. Posted by BobbyO on 05.12.09 10:41 PM

    Beer in a glass? What a novel concept…

  2. Posted by Keith Brainard on 05.18.09 7:48 PM

    You wound me Bobby