Ice Beer

Posted on 01.16.09 7:10PM under All-Grain, Brewing, IPA

No, it’s not a beer concentrated by freezing and then thawing, leaving water behind.

It’s brewing in my garage today! It must have been 15 degrees out there, and it was damn cold! The garage is detached from the house and very porous. It was probably a good 10-15 degrees warmer in there than the raw outside, but that still made it freezing, and I have to keep some ventilation open for the propane burners, so I don’t die.

On a brew day, I’m always spilling water and wort everywhere. And today it was funny. At first, I was wondering why it was so slick – was it moldy or something? Then I realized that the spills were freezing and becoming little patches of slippery.

In the end, it’s a 1.061 IPA and a 1.029 IPA. Both one point shy of my target, but not too bad. The first one I meant to mash in at 155, but ended up mashing in at 148. I even went three degrees higher than BeerSmith told me on the strike water, but the cold was just too much for it. That’s not so bad for the big IPA, it will be OK with a lower FG from the lower mash temperature.

Fortunately I was able to adjust my strike water temperature for the small IPA, and hit my mash temp of 156. If that one mashed low, it could finish really low and end up really watery. As it is, I’m on the edge of beer with a starting gravity that low. The wort was barely even sweet. Combined with 40 IBU, this should make a great beer to have with lunch.

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