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Posted on 01.15.09 10:38PM under Brewing, Hops, IPA, Stout, Tasting

In mid-November, I made two batches of beer. An Imperial IPA and a strong Stout. Both were bittered with my latest hop, Galena. I bought the hop as a substitute for Columbus. Even though I haven’t really used Columbus yet.

In the IIPA, it came out very rough and harsh. I was not pleased with the bittering qualities. It was very bitter, even though the IBU weren’t that high. Almost as harsh as Wormwood for bittering. Fortunately, two ounces of dry hopping took care of that bite and replace it with a ridiculously abundant hop aroma and flavor. The end result is great.

In the strong Stout, on the other hand, it is awesome. The stout is 7% ABV, with plenty of dark malts amounting to 40 SRM. Even with a FG of 1.010, this beer has loads of malt character. This blends incredibly well with the harsh bite of Galena.

The moral of the story is Galena?Stout:IPA. Or in other words, if Galena, then Stout, else IPA. Actually that’s still not too clear.

Galena is a great bittering hop for a Stout, but avoid it for your IPAs. I think it would be pretty good for a Belgian style, too, but not for IPA or anything really in the Pale Ale/Amber Ale/Pilsner family.

I’ll be making Columbus IPA soon, and I’ll report on those results in about a month.

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  1. Posted by E.S. Delia on 01.18.09 11:42 AM

    Brewing gets all philosophical when you throw in Modus Tollens and Modus Ponens! Perhaps this Stout deserves a rather sage-like name?

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