Hey Man Nice Shot

Posted on 01.13.09 9:01PM under Kegging

I just got my filter in the mail.

In pursuit of clear beer, I have resorted to the coolest thing…a filter. I ordered a filter housing and a 5 micron coarse filter and a 1 micron fine filter from Midwest Brewing. Of course, I didn’t get the connector kit, so I have to try to go the hardware store to get the 1/2″ male NPT to 1/4″ barb adapter that I need to connect my beer lines to the filter housing. But that’s OK.

I might filter my recent “Extra Special Mild” that’s been in the fermenter for a little over a week, or I might wait for my next batch of IPA to try the filter. In all likelihood, I’ll filter the ESM to see how it works, and then also do both IPAs I’ll be making this week, and then all beers (except wheats and bottle-conditioned) from now on.


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