Vacuum Sealer

Posted on 06.14.09 9:44PM under Brewing, Hops

For Christmas, I got a vacuum sealer. I have been wanting this for brewing purposes. It seems everything has a brewing purpose in some way or another.

A while back I got a few pounds of various hops from various sources. I was excited to have such a large amount of hops in one simple package so I could use them very easily.

The problem I ran into was that I could not keep them fresh for very long. I don’t know if I had a bad batch of ziploc bags or what, but they just kept getting air in them, and the hops quickly went stale in my freezer. They acquired a terrible tea-like aroma and when I used them, that attribute came through in the flavor.

So I switched back to buying hops always by the single ounce, in the pre-packaged N2 flushed little silvery or goldish bags. And all my recipes have been set up to use hops only in whole ounce increments, or else – with the knowledge that leftover hops less than a whole ounce would end up trashed at the end of brew day.

The plight of stale oxygen-ridden hops is in my past now. I have a vacuum sealer. This device is meant to store food in the fridge or freezer or something, but I will use it to seal up my hops so that they don’t go bad as quickly.

This allows me to buy hops in bulk, and my first order of a pound each of Amarillo, Colombus, and Willamette hop pellets from Hops Direct have been waiting in my freezer for months. I have finally burned through the single-ounce bags that I had, and cracked open the pounders today. This gave me the exciting opportunity to vacuum seal my own hops! Cool!

Say goodbye to the tyranny of the whole-ounce increment.

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