Fermentation Friday: Yeast

Posted on 12.26.08 11:22PM under Fermentation Friday, Yeast

Tis nearly the end of the night, and here I am yet to post the Fermentation Friday topic. This month it is Yeast.

All I have to say about yeast is that dry yeast is the best. Sure you can get more variety of strains with the liquid option, but dry is so easy. The main reason I use dry yeast all the time is that you never need a starter with it. The number two reason is that it’s so cheap! Saving both time and money…my favorite things to have more of!

Why spend eight bucks on a little vial of yeast, which you’ll have to build up in a starter before you can really use it, when you can spend two bucks on a ready-to-go pack of perfectly good yeast? If your beer is too big for 11 grams of dry yeast to handle, why, just pitch two packets! They’re only $2 each!

It’s probably in my favor that I prefer the IPAs and Stouts, since these both benefit from a neutral yeast. And the most incredible Fermentis Safale US-05 dry yeast is the best out there. In fact, it’s the same as the Wyeast 1056 and the WLP-001, or so they say.

So, in conclusion, forget the starter, use US-05, and let your other ingredients set the flavor for your beer.

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