Cleaning Up Toys…

Posted on 12.04.08 10:00PM under Dull

There were some of the kids’ cars and animals left out tonight, so I picked them up and put them in their designated bins.

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  1. Posted by BobbyO on 12.05.08 12:14 AM

    … Then I got all three kids assembled in the living room along with my wife and my cat. My three year old son drops his (censored1) and proceeds to (censored2) my five year old daughter. Meanwhile, I take my fist and gently grind it into the cat’s (censored3) , because she likes the way that feels. All the while, my wife took off my pants and (censored4). My son shoots his (censored5) at my daughter’s (censored6) and laughs. I pull back my fist and my cat (censored7). We all take a bow.

    OK, ready?

    1=teddy bear
    2=tell a story to
    4=irons them
    5=nerf ball gun
    6=favorite dolly

    Yeah, what were you thinking?