Avery Imperial Stout

Posted on 11.12.08 6:07PM under Stout

So I was flipping through Extreme Brewing the other day, looking for a breadth of information on making huge beer, towards my 18% monster.

In there, I found a gem. A recipe for the Avery Imperial Stout. That is, the Czar. That is, one of my favorite American Imperial Stouts. I’m sure I’ll incorporate some of the Czar into my own Impy Stout next time I make it. I expect the recipe details are copyrighted or something, but here’s something: Magnum bittering to 46 IBU and Sterling at flameout. The grain bill’s pretty elaborate. I’m sure I’ll simplify it… I don’t think I’ll be looking for any Weyermann Dehusked Carafa III Malt, especially not for five ounces of it… but the Gambrinus Honey Malt might make a difference at 12 ounces.

Sometimes it’s worth taking a look through some of those books on your shelf. You never know what you’ll find that just passed you by the first time you looked at the book.

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