Posted on 11.08.08 7:26PM under Aimée, Alcohol, Tasting

Brewers, if you’re reading this, I’m begging you. Please stop putting all your big beers in big bottles.

I am struggling with a bomber of Weyerbacher Blasphemy. I love twelve ounces of it. But the prospect of that second half of the bottle is sort of scaring me right now.

I understand that a big bottle makes a beer seem more special. And I think there’s a psychology that makes it easier to spend $10 on a bomber than it is to spend $20 on a four-pack, even though it’s pretty much equivalent.

But the thing is, my wife isn’t too into oak aged Belgian Quadrupels. If this were an IPA, like Avery’s Maharaja, then I could get some help from her, but it isn’t every day that you can find a beer-loving friend to split one of these big bottles with.

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