Session 21: My Favorite Beer

Posted on 11.07.08 12:44PM under IPA, The Session

This month’s session asks the impossible question: “What’s your favorite beer?”

It sounds like a cop out to say “The beer that’s in my glass” but so often it’s the truth. I am still new enough to the world of the best beer in the world that it remains my M.O. to get my hands on every different beer I can. With a liquor store like Gordon’s a few towns away stocking over 1000 different beers, it isn’t hard for me to find something new each time I’m there.

So it is with great apprehension that I observed the coming of this session. I tried to turn downstream and find a happy place, where the clarity would come to me. “What is my favorite beer?” I would ask myself.
I think that it does change from time to time. In fact, if you were to ask me tomorrow what it was, the answer might well be totally different. But here it is. Today’s favorite beer.

The beer that I most love right now is Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. That’s right. Not the 90. And not the 120. The 60. This beer I could drink any time. It has a ton of flavor, and a great hoppy character that is not overtaken by the hugeness of the 9% ABV 90 minute IPA or the 20% ABV 120 minute IPA. A perfectly drinkable and flavorful IPA that you can find easily at lots of liquor stores and even some bars.

And that might be just what I am loving about it right now. Not only can I enjoy this great beer from one of the best breweries in America at home, but I can also grab a bottle at the Ruby Tuesday or at Riverwalk. Even many non-beer-focused liquor stores at least have this one in there between the Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada, Harpoon and Magic Hat. Not that those other ones are bad, but just this one is so good.

So there you have it. I took a stand and rated DFH 60 as my current favorite beer of the now.

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