Posted on 10.31.08 8:38PM under IPA, Stout

Now I am not really one for overly sweet beer, like fruity beers and the like. Rogue Chocolate Stout is a definitively chocolatey beer. So much so that I made a float of it with vanilla ice cream in the past. It’s not often that I have a hankering for a beer that actually tastes like real chocolate. That said, Halloween seems to be the perfect time for a chocolate beer.

A sip of the chocolate beer was nice, but a whole bomber… that’s a different story. It’s a little much for me. I prefer a bomber of IIPA any day.

Here’s what I’ve just discovered: A few ounces of chocolate stout with a bottle of IPA on top of it is black and IPA-ish and chocolatey, but not too chocolatey. Time to go grab a left over peanut butter cup.

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