Beer Cellar Online

Posted on 10.13.08 8:00PM under Beer Cellar

I have been meaning to do it, and finally I did it! I took inventory of my beer cellar and I have posted it here! There’s also a convenient little link to the side so you can easily check it whenever you want. I’ll keep it updated as I add or remove items.

Looking at the list, I can see that I need to focus on getting more bottles of any individual beer. I am not sure the value of a single bottle of anything down there, other than pure entertainment. But it would be even more entertaining to have like ten of each bottle down there, now wouldn’t it?

The only thing is that my beer cellar is actually just a temperature controlled fridge, so it’s almost at capacity as-is. In our next place, I’ll have to build a beer cellar room or something to keep the rows and rows of beers that I intend to have aging down there.

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