Posted on 10.10.08 8:56PM under Brewing, Fun, Kegging, News

It’s been a long time coming, and I guess that in a way it isn’t official yet, but I’m a kegger!

I picked up today a bunch of kegging stuff in a lot of brew equipment. I got three kegs, a 5# CO2 tank, a 5 cu. ft. fridge, and all the lines, connectors, faucets, etc. that I need to put my beer in kegs!!

They haven’t been used in over a year, and two of the kegs even still had a few ounces of beer in them, but they were pretty clean considering. The beer still smelled mostly like beer, and there was nothing fuzzy inside the kegs. One keg is full of CO2. The two with a bit of beer in them are now full of PBW solution. All is well.

There was also a bunch of awesome tap handles in the mix. Chimay and Sierra Nevada Celebration stand out in my mind, but there are a few other really good ones. Two pH probes. Three carboys. Two immersion chillers. A bunch of old BYO, Zymurgy, and Brewing Techniques magazines. All sorts of funness.

I will officially become a kegger when I put my beer into a keg. I am not sure when that will be, but I eagerly await the day. The two batches that I have going now need to be mostly bottled. Though I might just bottle half and keg half of each batch… Just because I can!

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