Unearthly Hot

Posted on 07.20.08 8:13PM under Alcohol, IPA, Tasting

Coming home from a day out on the town with the family, a natural first action is to reach for a beer. I thought Southern Tier Unearthly to be a perfect idea. I love big beer, and an 11% IPA sounded great.

Unearthly smells a little boozy and a bit hoppy. It’s crystal clear coppery golden. Just barely a heat of alcohol is surrounded by a big dose of bitterness, plenty of hop flavor, and a mild chocolatey maltiness that comes as a surprise. Maybe it’s the hops. The carbonation is subtle and the mouthfeel is overall thick and slick and sticky. Unmistakably an IIPA. In a good way.

Sitting there sipping the beer, I began to wonder if there were any chores I should take care of. Then I noticed the lawn. That’s one of those things that I never want to do, but it’s best to do it now rather than later, once I’ve realized I have the window of time to do it.

Unearthly Imperial IPA: my new lawnmower beer?

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