Beer Score!

Posted on 12.12.07 6:25PM under Barley Wine, Fun, Lambic, Stories, Stout, Tasting

SCORE!Wednesday is Beer Appreciation day for this blog. Today I am going to bend that definition a bit, and I am going to write about a beery thing that I appreciate. There’s nothing like a great beer store to get me all giddy inside. Even better is finding a bunch of uncommon beers that you have had on your list and not seen at other great beer stores.

My ostensible purpose for going to the beer store is that I am in search of classic Gueuze, having been inspired by Garrett Oliver’s Brewmaster’s Table. It is hard to find – most Lambic styles are the semi-authentic fruit-added sweet lambics. I am looking for a classic Gueuze, that is, just blended lambics without fruit added. I want the fruit-like flavors to come from the bugs in the beer. At Gordon’s I was able to find two of the three from my notes that Garrett mentioned: Geuze Boon and Lindemans Cuvée René.

But beyond just the Gueuze, I was able to find a bunch of autumn and winter seasonal releases I haven’t seen at other great beer stores. Specifically, I picked up Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine, and North Coast Old Rasputin, and Brooklyn Monster. This isn’t even all of them. There were so many great options that I had to leave some on the shelf because I had found so many of my desired beers.

Not only do I get a chance to try out some great world-class beers made here and abroad, but I also get to share them with friends, save some for next year, take notes, photograph them, write about the beers here, write about them on My Life With Beer, and post reviews at BeerAdvocate.

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