Far Out, Man

Posted on 07.06.08 9:21PM under Boden, Stories

Steal Your FaceMy son Boden is roughly two-and-a-half. He’s not really a big fan of going to bed. I guess that’s probably normal. These days, 9:00 would be an improvement for him to be asleep. Even if he didn’t have a nap.

Normally it is tough for me to maintain a positive attitude when he comes back downstairs to join me in awakeness after he’s claimed to be tired and gotten the go-ahead to journey upstairs to the solace of the family bed for a little bit of comfort and hopefully sleeping.

Fortunately, tonight, I was feeling benevolent, and I managed to keep a smile on my face. Rather than get all stern about “eat this, then go lie down on the couch and go to sleep and I’m not letting you upstairs until you’re asleep!”, I just decided to hang out with him. Turns out he fell asleep on his own, barely asking to go back upstairs.

I had already opened the laptop to do some keying and mousing around. I opened Winamp and started streaming GratefulDay (Streaming Grateful Dead Live Shows 24/7). It was a show from 1972, and we entered on Good Lovin’, complete with a Pigpen rant for a bit in the middle. He had already rejected a 90’s show from another stream that was playing Estimated Prophet.

Winamp has a cool visualization feature that gives you a psychedelic display that synchronizes to the music. The other morning, I had this on for the kids, and they were entranced. The same thing happened tonight. Bode and I sat there for like ten minutes exchanging comments on the display as it cycled through the preprogrammed setups.

It was totally cool. He would comment not only on the colors (“Iris likes pink and purple”) but also on the effect of the display (“I’m going deeper and deeper down”). It reminded me of college with my roommate Jeff taking bingers and working on the psychedelic screen saver making our own displays.

So I don’t know if it would be considered PC to sit and stare at a lights show with a toddler while listening to some vintage Grateful Dead, but it was an awesome night to me.

Oh yeah, beer accompaniment thanks to St. Bernardus Abt 12 and Rogue Brutal Bitter.

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