Battle of the Fests

Posted on 06.21.08 9:51PM under Events

Why is it that the BeerAdvocate American Craft Beer Fest is happening at the same time as the American Homebrewer’s Association National Homebrew Competition? Both are huge beer events, and I suspect there’s a bit of overlap in the people that are interested in these events. Like me, for example. I think both are great ideas.

The question remains: why would these two events be scheduled to compete with each other? Are the Alstrom bros trying to take down Charlie Papazian? Or did the AHA reschedule their event to interfere with the work of the Advocates? Or is it all just a big misunderstanding and coincidence that they’re both at the same time? Or maybe there isn’t as much of an overlap of interest as I think there is?

I welcome responses both in the form of wild rampant speculation spouting consipracy theories verging on the darkest depths of paranioa, and also those that come from well-informed parties with logical explanations.

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  1. Posted by Mike Warren on 06.26.08 2:31 PM

    Interesting post and very timely as I was thinking the same thing myself.
    The only resolution I had about it was that I couldn’t afford to get out for the AHA meeting, however I hope to in the futre. So I hope these two events can better be aware of their calanders in the future and be a little more wary of each others shedule.

    As the popularity of craft brewing and homebrewing continue to grow I suspect we’ll see more and more of these “tradeshow”/”symposia” type meetings being held, which is great. But alas there will likely be even more conflict.

    I think the real battle will be if the Alstrom team grows the ACBF large enough to compete with GABF. Then we’ll have a real east coast/west coast throw down!

  2. Posted by Keith Brainard on 06.26.08 7:05 PM

    I think it’s about time for another east coast/west coast rivalry!

    “It’s Cambridge in da house!”