Style Profile: Dubbel

Posted on 12.10.07 8:42PM under Dubbel, Style Profile

Classic Dubbel in the JungleI am going to head across the ocean to Belgium for this week’s style profile article. The brewers of Belgium are renowned for their deeply flavorful and complex beers. The Dubbel is among the most robust of the Belgian styles. Many Belgian brewers, particularly the Abbey brewers, have three main lines of beers: Enkel, Dubbel, and Tripel. They ascend in alcohol strength, but each has their own character. For example, the Tripel has a lighter color than the Dubbel. But the Tripel can be for another day. Today is about the Dubbel.

Dubbels are rich and malty, with plenty of spicy flavor and alcohol presence. Expect your Dubbel to be brown and a bit fizzy looking. There’s a good chance there will be yeast in the bottom of the bottle. If so, it is okay to dispense these single-celled beer-friends into your glass. If you prefer, you may attempt to avoid this. Either way is acceptable.

Look for a lot of complexity as you work your way through this beer. I shouldn’t say work – that just conjures up negative imagery. Let me try again. Look for a lot of complexity as you enjoy each distinctive sip of this classic style. If you appreciate a lot of flavor, it is hard to go wrong with a Dubbel. Go with an authentic Belgian like Chimay Red (Premiere), or with a domestic version like Allagash Dubbel. Try it with hearty stew, rich chocolate, or sharp cheese. Even drink it by itself. A good Dubbel is a thing of pure pleasure.

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