Beer as Allegory for Life

Posted on 12.09.07 10:23PM under Brewing, Fun, Pairing, Stories

Plato - The Cave Allegory guyTonight I had a social interaction that was in perfect parallel with an exquisite beer and food pairing.

I had a 1988 Chevy S-10 that I had at some point intended to use as a project truck that would eventually end up as a kick-ass off-road monster. In reality, it ended up being a big pain-in-the-ass monster. Finally today, thanks to Freecycle, I am free from the truck.

The guy who came to got it actually is from Maine (at least three hours from where I live). But we had such a great and easy conversation. I do not always have an easy time in conversations. I tend to be a bit dry and many people don’t appreciate that kind of humor. But me and Cliff just hit it off like old college buddies. Every little wise-ass remark I would make would bring to his mind a few short yet fun and perfect stories. We just never ran out of little stuff to talk about, and there were really no awkward silences.

I didn’t exactly help him all that much in the actual working labor sense of the word, but I think that our interaction made this late night hour of loading a truck onto a trailer in the rain go by that much quicker for both of us. Even if I kept under shelter as much as possible while he cranked the truck onto his trailer.

In the end, it turns out that not only is he a NASCAR fan (like me) (which is not too surprising for someone that drives a F-350 for a living), but he is also an appreciator of fine beers. I was able to give him two each of my CornucopIPA (Cascade-heavy IPA) and Christmas Presence (heavy-duty St. Arnold Christmas Ale clone) and feel like he would enjoy them as much as I would have if I had kept them.

To me it was like the perfect beer and food pairing. His personality and mine complemented each other perfectly. The intersection of our interests was pretty good and at the same time our difference in experiences was enough to make each other interesting and likable to the other one. It was almost like we were meant to meet each other, if only for a short while. Just like the feeling you get when you really hit the bullseye pairing food with beer – everything just seems like it was made for the moment.

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