Butternut IPA

Posted on 05.14.08 9:31PM under Canned Beer, IPA

I am normally against tasting two beers in one night, but there’s gotta be exceptions to every rule. So here goes.

I picked up a mixed twelve pack of canned beer the other day. I love canned microbeer, and I get new ones almost whenever I see them. Or maybe exactly whenever I see them. But I saw one the other day, and I got it.

The brewery is Butternut. They’re from somewhere in farmland New York. They appear to be an old dairy farm, and the cans say “Farmhouse Ale” on all four of the Wheat Beer, IPA, Pale Ale, and Stout. If you try the web site, beware, it has a lot of loud noises on it.

Having already had one IPA, I figured another IPA made sense. So I tried the Snapperhead IPA. What a strange IPA.

Let’s just say it lives up to what you might expect from a beer labelled “Farmhouse Ale”. It is one part IPA, and one part Belgian beer. It has a hop dose as an IPA would, but then there’s the Belgian clovey phenolic chalky dryness that everyone seems to love so much. I have had a few Belgian Tripel IPAs before, but they had a lot more of that corn sugar sweetness/higher alcohol thing going on than this does. At 6.8% ABV (according to BeerAdvocate) it doesn’t have the strength of a Tripel, and according to their own claim on the can, it is “All Malt” and so presumably doesn’t have any corn sugar in it.

Overall, I was left wondering if the Belgian type of flavor I had tasted was an intentional result of an action such as using a Belgian yeast strain, or if it was a side effect of the old dairy farm house location that is their brewery. Either way it is interesting. I am looking forward to trying the others from the mix pack. Particularly the Pale Ale and then the Stout to see if they have the same flavors going on. They tout their Wheat Beer as a German-style Wheat, so I expect those flavors in abundance in that beer. But if the Pale Ale has it, then that would be interesting too. If the Stout has it, then that will be really interesting. Perhaps I’ll just have to check them out tomorrow and let you know what I find.

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  1. Posted by Boak on 05.17.08 3:08 PM

    I thought for a moment that the beer actually had butternut in it.

    Wonder if that would work?

  2. Posted by Keith Brainard on 05.19.08 9:15 PM

    I’ve never had an actual Butternut, but I know that in Italy they’re putting all sorts of crazy things into beer. I think they have a Chestnut beer (though I could be wrong), and wikipedia tells me that Butternut is sort of like Chestnut.

    Maybe a ButterNutBrown? Or Butternut Barleywine?