Anchor Brewing Co. Christmas Ale 2007

Posted on 12.06.07 7:27PM under Tasting, Winter Warmer

My Glass of Anchor Christmas 2007Every year since 1975, the great and venerable Anchor Brewing Company makes a Christmas Ale. Many brewers follow the same tradition. One thing that I find very interesting about Anchor is that they make the recipe different each year. They also change the label each year, with each year sporting a different tree. The whole story is there on the Anchor web site, behind the above link. Anyway, I knew that my series of winter beer tastings would be incomplete without getting a shot at this famed classic.

The main unique characteristic that came out to me in this beer is the smell and taste of licorice. The smell also contains the compulsory dark beer scents such as dark caramel. I can just barely grasp a whiff of hops. That licorice flavor carries the rest of the beer with it, as it guides you through the malty and hoppy landscape of the rest of the experience of this beer. The flavor is just so rich and full, it is perfectly suited for winter enjoyment.

My only slight disappointment was in the mouthfeel, which I found to be a bit thin for what I would expect. With all this awesome flavor in there, it was just a tad lacking in the body. Looking on the bright side, this makes it an easy drinker that can also be savored. It doesn’t take a hard-core beer geek to appreciate and enjoy this holiday ale, but at the same time, the enthusiasts won’t be let down, either. I am so glad I picked up a six pack of this, I may go get more, and I am definitely keeping a few aside for coming years. I only wish I started my collection thirty-three years ago with the first issue of this landmark.

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