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Posted on 03.30.08 9:29PM under Free Beer, Pairing, Tasting

Flying Dog Garde DogI can’t say enough about how great Flying Dog is in their reaching out to the beer blogging community and their marketing programs to get the word out about their beers. Part of this is a pre-release of upcoming beers. Coming soon to a beer store near you is the Flying Dog Garde Dog Biere de Garde style beer. Biere de Garde is a beer style of French origin made for the warmer weather of Spring and early Summer. I got mine the other day, and tonight I tried it out. I like it, and I give it an A-. It’s going to be a great warmer weather beer, perfect for a late afternoon on the porch enjoying a warm Spring breeze, watching hop rhizomes grow in the front yard. It is light and refreshing, but not boring at all. Something you can enjoy and share with your friends. Very nice beer.

The aroma is soft and grainy, floral with a hint of green apple. Slightly sweet and very inviting. It pours crystal clear golden orange, but with hardly any head at all. The flavor is light but almost Belgian. You can almost taste the clovey phenols of Belgian styles wafting in on the wind from the Northeast (remember this is a French beer style). Hops appear prominently in the finish providing a nice cleansing departure. The beer is solidly malty, even though quite light in color. Carbonation makes the mouth feel refreshed as you sip. Overall this beer reminds me of a Pilsener with a nudge toward the ale side, with it’s more pronounced character and slightly fruity components.

I wish there was a big fluffy white head of foam on top of the beer when poured into the glass, but I love the combination of high quality and flavor with refreshment and subtlety. I had mine with hot-sauced chicken, boiled potatoes, and cooked carrots, and it did a great job of keeping me refreshed. I think it would go really well with a lot of different foods. Flying Dog recommends “lighter fare, seafood/shellfish, salads, cheeses, Middle Eastern/Indian foods.”

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