Drinkin’ Wife

Posted on 03.29.08 8:43PM under Aimée

A week ago this morning, my wonderful wife gave birth to our third and perhaps final child. Ever the vigilant mother, she didn’t touch a drop of alcohol all the time she was with child. This was naturally difficult, given that I touch many drops of alcohol all the time, and she also appreciates great beer. Especially towards the end, her desire for sweet hoppy beer became more prevalent. But she never gave in.

Since the baby has been here, I’ve been making a real effort to have one of each of the different beers I have on hand, so she can try each one. She’s been having a sip here and there of many of my recent concoctions as well as my recent IPA buying spree, and a few others I have around. 

After messing around for a week with just sips, my wife finally had nearly a whole beer in her own glass and everything! This is quite exciting, to have my live-in drinking buddy back at least a little bit. She had a glass of the PostNatal IPA, actually about ten ounces of it, in the fancy little Ommegang 10th Anniversary glass. Come to think of it, I shoulda taken a picture, but I just have the impression in my mind.

Even better, she’s pleased with the result. Of course, I’m asking her all sorts of questions: “Is it too dry?” “What about that slightly watery spot about 3/4 way through the sip?” “Do you think I should add a quarter ounce more hops at flameout next time?” And she’s just happy to have a beer.

Before too long, I know she’ll be giving me some great constructive feedback on all my beers.

It’s sure to beat Iris telling me, “It smells gross. Actually kind of fruity.” And it will also probably be more helpful than Boden grinning as he proclaims, “Beer!”

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  1. Posted by Bailey on 03.30.08 5:38 AM

    I bet that beer tasted good. When one of our friends was pregnant, all she talked about was beer for the entire duration. The look on her face when she had her first half of Fuller’s London Porter… a treat. A very treat.