Video Tasting: Magic Hat Lucky Kat IPA

Posted on 03.20.08 8:28PM under Aimée, Boden, IPA, Iris, Tasting

Magic Hat Lucky Kat IPAI’m back with another video tasting. This time, I have stepped up the personnel even more than before. I have virtually a posse tasting this beer with me. Actually, I’m the only one that manages to take the glass and put it to my lips to drink some, but the others look and smell with me. As you might expect, I have not only brought along Iris and Boden to the tasting, but Aimée has joined in, too. That’s right; both kids and the wife and the beer. It was a crowded camera lens tonight. Hopefully I pulled it off.

Magic Hat used to have tons of great beers available all the time. Like Blind Faith. And others I can’t think of right now. But then one day I noticed that all I could ever find was #9 (apricot beer) and Circus Boy (a hefeweizen) – not exactly my favorite styles. Finally last year, I noticed Roxy Rolles, which is a nice hoppy amber beer. There was also hIPA, a spring IPA that I don’t remember the specifics of. I still hold a favorable opinion of Magic Hat, and I am eager to try their seasonal beers. But I am not too quick to buy a mix pack, because they always toss in a few #9’s into the mix. And I don’t want that apricot beer. So I wait for six packs to become available of various options.

When I saw a big cheshire cat grinning at me, I had no choice but to investigate further. I found precious little information on the packaging – something that I found quite irritating in the store. They were saying it was an IPA, but then there was some nonsense about “Irresistable Pale Ale”. I started to get nervous. But I would never know unless I tried it. So I picked it up, hoping for the best.

I’m pretty happy. The beer is good. It smells hoppy – citrus and piney. It tastes hoppy – citrus and piney with a lingering bitterness that numbs my tongue and mouth midway through the glass. There is an adequate balance of maltiness to hold up the hops – it’s pretty well balanced. This is a pretty standard IPA – good, but not wow. It’s definitely worth buying, at least in an attempt to satisfy that part of you that wants to try every beer out there.

Now the video:

With any luck, by next week, Aimée should have given birth to our next child, and maybe, depending on naptime, she’ll be able to participate in the tasting part of the tasting. Or not. Maybe the baby has decided to stay in there until GWBush is out of office. Time will tell. All good things in all good time.

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  1. Posted by Bailey on 03.21.08 3:52 AM

    Ha ha. This is brilliant! Your daughter has a future on TV. Now where can I get some of that Stout Brewing beer again?

  2. Posted by Boak & Bailey UK beer blog » Blog Archive » “You can’t give booze to a baby!” on 03.21.08 4:02 AM

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  3. Posted by Keith Brainard on 03.21.08 6:32 AM

    Thanks! Iris is definitely dramatic enough to have a future on TV. Yeah…I’ll have to work on that Stout Brewing beer soon. It’s funny, some of the things that she picks up on.

  4. Posted by E.S. Delia on 03.21.08 8:51 AM

    So now the whole family’s aiding and abetting your beer addiction! Somehow I think you must be in violation of some law, somewhere.

    As for the Magic Hat stuff, I’d also be more interested in finding something other than Circus Boy and #9. We get the mixed 12 packs down here, but there’s not much to be excited about. A majority of their line isn’t that impressive in my opinion, but those very limited releases intrigue me.