Green Beer

Posted on 03.17.08 6:42PM under Aimée, Fun

Green BeerIt just wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without some green beer, would it? I guess some Guinness could also make it official. Oh yeah, and some corned beef and cabbage.

Well we couldn’t find an “all natural” corned beef, so we went with chicken. But Aimée cooked up some cabbage along with potatoes, onions, and carrots. Sort of like a little St. Patty stew. It was tasty.

I also didn’t make it to the store for some Guinness so I went with my closest homebrewed option, a Baltic Porter. It was black-colored, at least. I almost went with the Imperial Stout, but that seemed a bit over the top.

Then, I had to do it. I had to make some green beer. I had food coloring from making Cherry Sparkles pink. The pack had red, green, blue, and yellow. Seems strange that it would have green, even though it has blue and yellow. I’d think you could make something green with equal parts of blue and yellow. Anyway. It was just what I needed to make green beer.

I’ve been making green things left and right the past few days. Green eggs. Aimée made green pancakes. Green water. Green seltzer. This green thing is fun.

So there you have it: green beer. The photo is above. This is my Stonington Memorial Summer Ale (an American Wheat beer, and actually the base beer that was pinked to become Cherry Sparkles) with a dollop of green coloring in it. It actually made my tongue green! Ha!

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