Video Tasting: Cherry Sparkles

Posted on 03.06.08 9:25PM under Aimée, Boden, Brewing, Iris, Tasting

Last week’s video tasting still sits on the (hopefully un-reformatted) hard drive of my laptop which is currently in the capable hands of my nearest HP Service Center. In case you’re wondering, they’re waiting for a part and are projecting that I’ll have it back on 3/12/08. Complaining over.

Today being Thursday, I took up my favorite weekly beer tradition and did a video tasting. Another one with the kids. Including the kids is…interesting. It makes the whole thing a lot less predictable, and a lot more editing-intensive.

I have already written about Cherry Sparkles here before. It’s a cherry wheat I made in honor of my daughter. It has a little cherry syrup and a lot of food coloring gel to give it the slightest cherry aroma and flavor and plenty of pink color. The base beer, my American Wheat, is always a favorite amongst my friends, and I’ve put Strawberry in it in the past with pretty good results. Cherry Sparkles is beer-ish, fruity, and refreshing. It is my way of asking summer to come as quickly as possible. This beer is best enjoyed in warm weather above 70 degrees. So time to turn up the heat and crack open a Cherry Sparkles beer.

The video has a lot of extra footage of the kids, after the credits at the end. There’s about 3:30 of beer material and then another 3:30 of kids material. If you have kids and/or think that little kids (2 and 4 years old) are cute, it’s worth a watch. If you think kids are the bane of adult human existence, you might want to stop the video at the credits.

Another big change is my personal appearance. I used to have a big furry beard, but it is gone now. Shocking!

Let me know your reaction! Should I leave the kids out of the videos, and let them have their own videos that aren’t part of the tasting videos? Do you miss the hairy man that once told you about the beer in front of him? Is it almost completely pointless to do a tasting video for a homemade beer that you have lottery winner odds of ever tasting yourself? I know you’re out there reading, so chime in! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Posted by BobbyO on 03.06.08 11:13 PM

    The beer looks appealing… and I’d like to think that I’ve got slightly better than lottery winner odds of tasting it some time :) As to your appearance, I’d say bring back the facial hair, just not to the bushy extreme that you had it before. Maybe it’s time to revisit the goatee of a few years ago. Iris in the video is probably like cherry flavoring in the beer. In moderation it’s sweet and tasteful. Too much and it could be overpowering and cloying.

    Hey, you asked…

  2. Posted by Keith Brainard on 03.09.08 5:12 PM

    I’ll save some for you, for when you come and visit. But just by tasting it, you will have in essence won the lottery. It’s that good. ;)

    Iris can be overpowering. Just think, I clipped about five minutes of footage for the video…