Another Fridge!

Posted on 03.02.08 7:30PM under Fun, Stories

Side-By-Side FridgeToday was one hell of a beer day! As I just wrote about (scroll down a little) PostNatal IPA is clear as can be expected from an unfiltered beer – no more chill haze for me! Besides that, as I was savoring the hoppy goodness of PostNatal IPA, I got a call from the neighbor across the street, “Hey, do you want our old fridge? It’s working, except for the water dispenser and the inside light.”

I am always looking for additional fridge space, and I tried to contain myself as I eagerly accepted their generous offer of this most precious item. I am always looking around for cheap fridges, but in the end, for me to get any fridge here, I need to rent a truck and it’s a really labor intensive and somewhat pricey endeavor. I always figure out that I’d be better off just buying one at a store and having them deliver it for me. And I don’t want to do that. I couldn’t really justify it, given that I already have two full sized fridges dedicated 100% to beer. One fermenting fridge and one cold beer fridge.

But this deal just across the street…how easy is that? Plus he has a hand truck – bonus!! This was a piece of cake. We rolled it right down his back steps, down his driveway, quickly across the street, down my driveway, and right into my garage. Where it will live. Probably. At least until I can free up some space in the basement.

I think I will use this new treasure as a “beer cellar” fridge, and keep it set around 55°F with a temperature controller. I’ll have to buy the temp controller, but I’d have to do that anyway. And then once it has a temperature controller, I could always repurpose it in a pinch to act as a lagering fridge or even additional cold beer storage. I am so excited!

The only other thing I would need to complete my enclosed insulated cooled space empire would be a nice 15 cubic foot chest freezer to serve as a four tap kegerator for the day that I switch to kegging. I wonder if I have a neighbor planning on getting rid of anything like that anytime soon…

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  1. Posted by BobbyO on 03.03.08 10:03 PM

    If you’re keeping the fridge in your (I’m assuming unheated) garage, how will it keep its contents _warm_ enough during the winter? Most fridges cannot regulate their inside temperatures at all when it’s colder outside than the desired set point.

  2. Posted by Keith Brainard on 03.04.08 8:21 AM

    The temperature controller has a heating and a cooling mode. With a 25 watt heating pad, I should be able to keep it 20°F above ambient temperature, according to the retailer. And I could always get more watts of heating on there if needed. Plus, my garage is unheated, but it is semi-attached. There’s a heated an insulated room above it, and it is normally a more moderate temperature than the great outdoors.