The Boy Loves Beer

Posted on 02.27.08 10:03PM under Boden

Winky BoMy son loves beer, almost as much as I do. He might be just over two years old, but he can appreciate that there is such a thing as beer. In fact, just about every beverage that he sees becomes classified as beer.

I naturally read a lot of beer books and magazines. Boden is always happy to point out the beers in them. And also the animals in the ads. He especially likes the Smuttynose Seal. Currently, I’m making my way through the MBAA Practical Handbook for the Specialty Brewer, Volume 2: Fermentation, Cellaring, and Packaging Operations. I came home today holding this book in my hands, and also holding a cordless drill battery docked in a charger.

My son also loves tools. That kid is some mini-man.

He got all excited and asked what I was carrying as I came in. After my initial feeling that he was just happy to see me faded, I thought about what he was really after. I figured he was ogling the battery and charger, since it looks all tool-like. Craftsman is good like that. But I showed him the book first, half as a joke (like he’d think a grown-up book would be cool) and half because it was all I could do, due to the way I was holding the two items.

Well, he got super excited when he saw the book, which has a picture of a perfect pint of dark amber beer on the cover (along with a giant plate chiller, a keg filling line/grid, an O2 measuring setup, and an open fermenter). I guess he’s not as into industrial brewery equipment as I am, since I personally would choose the open fermenter with yeast spewing out of it or maybe the huge plate chiller as my first thing to notice. He started exclaiming “beer, beer!” and ran into the living room to tell Mommy all about the beer on the book I had brought into the house.

What a kid!

As soon as he’s ready to understand how hot propane flames and a kettle full of boiling wort are without needing a “hard way” lesson on thermodynamics, I’m gonna have him in the brewhouse stirring wort and adding hops to the kettle. It is going to be so cool.

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  1. Posted by Mike on 02.28.08 12:37 PM

    Great post. I have a son that is just about one. It’ll be a real joy to see how they develop into mini-brewers of the years as our passion grows and grows on them.

  2. Posted by Boak on 02.29.08 4:16 PM

    I’m just trying to work out how the teenage rebellion stages will go. Drinking WKD blue and Bud in front of you? Becoming teetotal?

  3. Posted by Keith Brainard on 02.29.08 9:27 PM

    My kids are currently young enough that I can maintain my delusions that there will be no teenage rebellion. But you have a valid point, Boak.

    I could handle the Bud drinking. I mean, who didn’t drink that kind of stuff at some point in their life? I used to buy Busch Light by the 30-pack, not that many years ago.

    But WKD Blue? I would have to cry myself to sleep each night wondering where I’d went wrong. I would almost rather have a teetotaling child than an alchopop drinking one.