The Color of Beer

Posted on 02.26.08 9:07PM under Aimée, Brewing, Iris, Zok

Pink Beer!In my continuing efforts to appease all the members of my immediate family. That is, Aimée and Iris, I made a beer in honor of Iris. I already told you all about Aimée’s yesterday.

Iris gave herself the nickname “Cherry Sparkles”. At first it was just “Sparkles”, but then she discovered maraschino cherries, and it became “Cherry Sparkles”. She often introduces herself as Iris Cherry Sparkles Brainard, which almost always confuses the person she’s talking to, especially if it’s another kid.

So I decided to make a “Cherry Sparkles” beer. That is, beer with cherry. I had luck adding fresh strawberries to my Stonington Memorial Summer Ale, an American Wheat Beer I have made a few times. Everyone always loves the un-fruitened beer, and I figured Sam Adams makes a Cherry Wheat, why not me? It may not sparkle, since there’s all that wheat protein making haze, but none of my beers are particularly sparkly anyway.

To do this, I made another Stonington Memorial Summer Ale (half Pale Ale malt, half Wheat Malt, Tettnanger hops as FWH and then at 60, 45, 30, 15, and 0 minutes of the boil – normally it’s just 60 and 0 for this recipe for the hops, but I figured, why not. Still just 20 IBU, according to BeerSmith). This was the base beer to become Cherry Sparkles. Zok told me I should just use cherry flavoring to make cherry beer, so I did. The cherry flavoring is more like black cherry, but I used about half the recommended dosage, because really I don’t want a highly-cherry beer. I used red gel food coloring to make the beer pink, too. Really pink. Like nearly red. I had to use a lot to get rid of the orange tint that first emerged as the 4 SRM pale straw color mixed with red. That picture at the top of the post is the beer, at bottling. That was the less-than-a-full-22-ounce-bottle that was left at the end of the bucket. It tastes like fruit juice beer…interesting. The food coloring added a distinct high fructose corn syrup aroma and flavor. Hope that stuff isn’t fermentable, because I already dosed it with a healthy 5 oz. of corn sugar for priming!

Iris Smiling With Cherry SparklesFor now, Iris is happy. She said she liked the color. Though she called it red, which could mean she wished it was less red. She can be quite classy that way somtimes. Even had me photograph her with the beer. She gets a funny look on her face when she tries to smile for a photo. She even asked to try it. And this was funny – I dipped my finger in, and let her take that drop on her tongue. She turned away, to make a “yuck!” face and then turned back and composed herself and smiled. She’s so polite.

I am happy. I got another two cases of beer getting ready for me to consume and share. It turned out good as the base beer, and I was able to get it pink (or was it red?). It should be fizzy, if not sparkly.

I did bottle off about a gallon as non-cherry beer. I better go make Stonington Memorial Summer Ale labels for those bottles!

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  1. Posted by BobbyO on 02.29.08 12:15 AM

    Normally I don’t dig fruity or otherwise sweet beers, but the color of this one is appealing. If it tastes as sweet as it looks, you’ll have a natural market among college guys who chase younger women. Call it “Underage Panty Dropper Brew” or something similar to indicate its great utility value. How about “Lolita Lager”?