Magical Anti-Cry Action

Posted on 02.23.08 10:38AM under Aimée, Boden, Iris

It seems like we haven’t been out of the house in about seven weeks. Of course, we get out here and there, but I think that the kids have been about 85% in the house for a long time. It is starting to wear on us. Everything has become an occasion for crying, which has escalated lately to some sort of growl/scream/yell sound with a very angry face accompanying it.

Aimée figured out today’s magical solution to getting out of the house, which instantly cured the sourpuss complex. Friendly’s. I feel like I’m part of a Friendly’s commercial that I wouldn’t approve of. But I approve now.

SuperMelt, Fries, and Ice Cream, here we come!

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  1. Posted by BobbyO on 02.24.08 12:48 AM

    I recognize the syndrome. My son stayed home from daycare yesterday because of the snow, and we didn’t go anywhere today either because my wife continues to be under the weather. Two days cooped up with an energetic 3 year-old is enough to want to make you claw your own face off. Or the 3 year-old’s. We’ve found in the past that, no matter what, the kid needs to go outside and play for a while, even if it’s driving rain and sleet at the time. He’ll dry off and warm up eventually.