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Posted on 02.15.08 10:37PM under Aimée, Brewing, Hops, Iris, Lager, News, Pilsner

Normally I do a weekly news roundup, where I post links to other peoples’ content here and write a little blurb about each story I’m linking to. This week, I’m changing things up a little. That is to say, I just don’t stay on top of all the various news-like data on the web any more.

There was this thing yesterday where Jim Koch personally posted on the Brewer’s Association Forum (and some others, I guess) to offer up hops for sale. Ten thousand pounds of East Kent Goldings and ten thousand pounds of Tettnangers. That’s a lot of hops. If they can spare that much hops, just imagine how many they still will have in their cold storage once the deals are done. But overall, this is a great move, a gesture of goodwill from one of the biggest craft brewers to all the other ones. If only he had ten thousand pounds of Cascades… It also occurred to me, that maybe this is why they did the Hallertau Imperial Pilsner, with like a bushel of hops per gallon. If he had ten thousand extra pounds, why not make a batch of beer with them? So this offering means we’ll miss out on the Tettnanger Imperial Pilsner and the EKG Imperial Pilsner! All kidding aside, I did like the Hallertau Imperial Pilsner, and I would welcome the others, if they made them, even if the idea of an Imperial Pilsner is pretty silly to begin with. I wonder how many times I can write the words Imperial Pilsner in one blog post. I bet I will get a lot of hits from people searching Google for Imperial Pilsner in the next few days. Maybe I should make an Imperial Pilsner, for an upcoming brew day, coupled with a Flying Dog Collaborator clone (do you call it a clone when they give you the recipe?) – that way I could lager them both together!

In other news, not as widespread on the internet, today marks my one year anniversary of brewing beer at home. In honor of the date, I made two batches (A.K.A. the Beta Project in the Gemini Series). PostNatal IPA is for Aimée once she gives birth to our next child within the next few weeks, and Cherry Sparkles is in honor of Iris – the artwork is by and of Iris and the name of the beer is her self-appointed nickname – though it will be long gone before she’s ready to drink it.

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